> Last news from the trench.

Jan. 2023 - ClimbingDistrict x LesOthers x SCHNIBBLE

We've just finished a new hardware project setup in a climbing gym.

The project uses a raspberry 4 as a computing unit to drive a led ceiling. The ceiling plays videos to accompany podcast samples from TheOthers and create a real mood when listening.
Being installed in a climbing gym, sitting has been made with crashpads.

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Oct. 2022 - Ludum Dare 51 - DeepDive

Theme : Every 10 seconds

Cross a submerged pitch black cave in your submarine. A radar shoots every 10 seconds and lets you see your surroundings for a short while.

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Oct. 2021 - Ludum Dare 49 - Wonkerz

Theme : Unstable

What happens when you try to make the most unstable car ever doing obstacle course : WONKERZ !

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Apr. 2021 - Ludum Dare 48 - Watcher Patrol 4

Theme : Deeper and deeper

Name: Blobby Seldon
Assessment: Watch Patrol
MissionID: WPT4BBS
Mission description: attempt first contact with TrES-4b’s newborn civilization.
Success criteria: Landing.

Good luck Watcher!

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Oct. 2020 - Ludum Dare 47 - TimeSplitters 4

Theme : Stuck in a loop

Reach the exit. But soon enough you will not be able to do it alone anymore.
So let me rephrase: Reach the exit with any of your timelines and your past selves...

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Apr. 2020 - Ludum Dare 46 - Super Ogre 64

Theme : Keep it alive

An Ogre is defending a small village in exchange of some sacrifices. Try to grow your village without collapsing your population with too many sacrifices. Be careful! The Ogre will need some food and he’s grumpy if you deliver something different or not at all… Also keep your moral high in your village if you want some newborn !

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Oct. 2019 - Ludum Dare 45 - World Shaper 4

Theme : Start with nothing

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Apr. 2019 - Ludum Dare 44 - Darkspace Arena Ultra II

Theme : Your life is currency

Raptured by obscure cosmic forces, you have to fight in a TV show to redeem your freedom. Be prepared to pay with your life. Audience wants blood.

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Dec. 2018 - Ludum Dare 43 - Limbs Quest VII

Theme : Sacrifices must be made

Going forward in the game will cost you. Games end when killing boss.

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Apr. 2018 - Ludum Dare 41 - RhythmCity

Theme : Combine two incompatible genres

This game is a city planner where every player interaction (more population, more army, gather food, etc) with the world is done through rhythm.

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Dec. 2017 - Ludum Dare 40 - ColorFilters

Theme : The more you have, the worse it is

A plateformer where you can control your environnement throught color filters. Be careful as you have to come back to where you started and grabbing coins will make your way back harder.

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