> Ludum Dare 44 - Darkspace Arena Ultra II


Theme : Your life is currency

Raptured by obscure cosmic forces, you have to fight in a TV show to redeem your freedom. Be prepared to pay with your life. Audience wants blood.

Darkspace Arena Ultra II - "Your life is currency"

For this jam we wanted a circular level design instead of a linear adventure. We think that it generally fits better a jam as you can have a lot of playtime with a tight core loop. We went for yet another type of game : top-down arena shooter.

The player is a prisoner in a far distant future and has to earn its freedom like a gladiator : by offering his life in a colosseum! There are two main scenes :

When you kill stuff in the arena you earn money. Making a bloodbath pleases the crowd and makes you earn even more money!
Enemies spawns more frequently as time goes on until the player is overwhelmed and dies. A classic loop that just works!
Money can be used inbetween arena fights to purchase stronger enemies to defeat or your own freedom and win the game.

The player needs to make runs until he banked enough money to escape.

This circular game loop helped up to push the polish even further than last time. Playing with camera effect, vfx, ambience, making more assets, etc.
It's the first time we also included our own music in the project.


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!