> Ludum Dare 47 - TimeSplitters 4


Theme : Stuck in a loop

Reach the exit. But soon enough you will not be able to do it alone anymore.
So let me rephrase: Reach the exit with any of your timelines and your past selves...

TimeSplitters 4 - "Stuck in a loop"

As always, we wanted to try something new for this jam while still being a little shy of going 3D.
We went for a Puzzle game with the help of a friend who joined the team for the occasion!

It's a top-down sokoban type of game where your moves are limited, in a... let's say confusing manner!
You have a defined number of move (25) divided in 5 blocks of 5 inputs (yes, 5x5=25 or so we heard...).
The goal is to reach the exit of the level. Simple?

The twist is that those 25 moves are not enough to unlock all the obstacles that blocks each level exit. Thus, after the player recorded his 25 moves, he can replay this loop and "break" at any time to spawn another version himself in a new timeline. This new player will have one less move per block for each remaining blocks (20 in total if he breaks at the start of the level, 5 blocks of now 4 moves, 5x4=20). Then he can break again, and again, until the last possible loop where he only have 1 move possible per block. Each blocked move is simply the impossibility to move at this world tick.

Still with us? Simple right?

Well, one last thing : spawned players interacts physically together and can be pushed by other version of themselves...That's when things gets interesting!

It's the kind of game that is quite hard to explain without visuals... But in the end every player learn the game after a little bit of time! It even makes the first eureka moment quite rewarding and we were really pleased with that!
The result of this jam was quite good and thus we decided to push it further for a real V1.


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!