> Ludum Dare 41 - RhythmCity


Theme : Combine two incompatible genres

This game is a city planner where every player interaction (more population, more army, gather food, etc) with the world is done through rhythm.

Rythm City - 2018 "Combine two incompatible genres"

We wanted to make something weird. Thus we've chosen to mix a Rythm Game and a City Builder simulation for this theme. We knew from the theme announcement that it was gonna be hard to pull of.
It turned out to be two separate games to develop and then merge them together with a pinch of hope...

The pitch of the game is : you are a mayor with maracas and use rythms to enhance the growth of the city.
You can pick between 3 songs that will affect your city in different ways. Maintaining the rythm with spacebar will make the song effective.
In parallel you can buy buildings for your city such as houses, military facilities, ect.

The city aspect had way too much parameters and it was impossible to balance. It was also too hard to maintain the rythm and play the building part.

In the end none of the two games really worked and thus the merge went poorly.
This game is left unfinished as it was our first 'scope creeping' experience. We wrote a lot of code, but had no time to make the actual game.

A good experience nonetheless!


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!