> Ludum Dare 49 - Wonkerz


Theme : Unstable

What happens when you try to make the most unstable car ever doing obstacle course : WONKERZ !

WONKERZ - 2022 "Unstable"

For this one we tackled the racing/trial game type. The comes from a realisation : almost every racing games are trying to be very usable and precise, but what if it was actually very hard to just move the car?
The player is a car that is quite hard to drive because of its unstability (the theme of the jam)
The goal is quite easy, reach the end of the track in the shortest time possible. As it is a die and retry game, the player can respawn at the last checkpoint he reached.

It was our first 3D Game, so we encountered a lot of new problematics during the jam :

Once again we managed to have a nice mood and started to understand that it might be one of our strength.
We also really liked this new workflow in 3D and the core concept of the game.
That's why we decided to push this one further instead of TimeSplitters4.


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!