> Ludum Dare 43 - Limbs Quest VII


Theme : Sacrifices must be made

Going forward in the game will cost you. Games end when killing boss.

Limbs Quest VII - 2018 "Sacrifices must be made"

As the previous jam entry failed, we decided to make a platformer again so that we could use our first experience to push the game further.

We went for a Castlevania-like game, where you are a knight that needs to save the princess.
Armed with a sword and the capacity to jump, the player needs to make his way through the castle. The twist from the theme is that you need to sacrifice limbs to move forward at every checkpoint!

At the end, you have the choice to sacrifice your soul...

If you do, you become invicible and can defeat the final boss level with ease...but the princess will let you know that it was not the right choice!
If you don't, then you have to beat the boss level without arms and legs which is borderline impossible (unless you are very lucky). This is the good ending variation.

This game was our first try with 'story-telling' and a'branching-story'. Our goal was to polish the game as much as we could and add a bit of humor.


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!