> ClimbingDistrict x LesOthers x SCHNIBBLE

New interactive project partnered with CD and Les Others

We've just finished a new hardware project setup in a climbing gym.

The project uses a raspberry 4 as a computing unit to drive a led ceiling. The ceiling plays videos to accompany podcast samples from TheOthers and create a real mood when listening.
Being installed in a climbing gym, sitting has been made with crashpads.

This was a real treat for us to bridge the virtual and physical world in such a manner. Being climbers ourselves made it really for us to say yes when asked to work on the technical aspect of the project!
Driving the leds at 30fps with a raspberry pi bit-banging while playing a sound an managing other led matrices was a challenge!

The place where this project have been setup is very narrow and made the whole installation quite tricky.

If you want more information, you can check this page by our friends at >> TheOthers << (in french)
Better would be to go experience it yourself at Climbing District, 55 rue de Meaux, 75019, Paris.