> Ludum Dare 45 - World Shaper 4


Theme : Start with nothing

World Shaper 4 - "Start with nothing"

In this jam we went quite wild with the theme as we decided to make a game that starts with literally nothing, then add elements by layering scenes upon collecting objects.
The game starts with a black screen, then you hit the CTRL key and the player spawns as a spirit: it's first form.
Then you collect the first "level changing" orb and the environment and its hazards starts to appear! The adventure can start.
It's an adventure where you need to evolve and make the world evolve to reach its end.
At first you are a spirit that doesn't collide with its environment, being a kind of spirit
Then a slime that do collide with the environment but can't do anything beside walking...
Then you grow up and can use your tongue as a hook to move across gaps.
Then, as a final form, you have a sword that lets you finally kill enemies and reach the final boss! Congrats!

The game development went fine even though we had a 'scope creeping' issue once again. We knew it was ambitious but we wanted to try this idea.
The real game-breaking problem came at the end, when we made the WebGL build in the last hour of the jam (yes a build this late is a mistake... we trusted a bit much Unity...). Every colliders in the game stopped working. Thus the final entry was completely broken.
Turned out we needed to enable the Read/Write for the level elements. A solution so small for such a game breaking bug! Well, the more you know...


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!