> Ludum Dare 46 - Super Ogre 64


Theme : Keep it alive

An Ogre is defending a small village in exchange of some sacrifices. Try to grow your village without collapsing your population with too many sacrifices. Be careful! The Ogre will need some food and he’s grumpy if you deliver something different or not at all… Also keep your moral high in your village if you want some newborn !

Super Ogre 64 - "Keep it alive"

For this jam we had two ideas :

We spent the saturday developping the two ideas in parallel and then chosed to go for the city management one as it looked promising and with less obstacles.
The game screen is divided in two.
On the left the ogre, on the right the village.
Each villagers has a job, and as time goes on they do gain experience that lets them have better jobs. They reproduce randomly and spawn new villagers.

The ogre on his side will ask for specific sacrifice : Male/Female + Job. If the requirement is met, the ogre is happy and lets the village live his life. Otherwise, if the Ogre is starving or unhappy, he will either blast the land with his hands and damage the village, or come to the village and go on a rampage until his needs are satisfied! However, sacrificing villager reduces the happiness of the village and thus the reproduction rate...Balance you said?

The player needs to maintain an equilibrium until he reaches the final goal which is to have one King and one Queen with a total of 50 villagers. To do that, he needs to choose wisely the job of his villagers :

The game is mouse only and quite slow paced. We've put specific efforts in the mood of the game as the actual gameplay was almost secondary. Effects when the ogre eats, little voices sounds... Even losing should be fun!


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!