> Ludum Dare 40 - ColorFilters


Theme : The more you have, the worse it is

A plateformer where you can control your environnement throught color filters. Be careful as you have to come back to where you started and grabbing coins will make your way back harder.

ColorFilters - 2017 "The more you have, the worse it is"

As it was our first gam jam experience, we wanted to keep it simple and went for a platformer with a twist.
The goal of the game is to collect as much coin as possible and then exit the level without dying. The end and start position are the same.

Besides the classic platforming mecanics, we added a layer of complexity with color filters.
The player can switch between blue, yellow or red filters (primitive colors) that toggle visibility of matching color elements of the level. For example, activating the red filter will make every red platforms become invisible while the blue/yellow ones will be visible.
Creatures are also affected by those filters. They can be killed by spawning a block at their current position.
If the player falls from the level or is hit by a creature, it's game over.

This leads to puzzly sections where the player needs to change the filters to dodge/kill creatures without falling to its demise. It breaks the slow nature of puzzles by making it part of the core platformer mecanics.

Having a color filter active was supposed to colorize the camera render, but as it was our first jam we had no time to implement it.
We also had this idea of combining filters to make Orange, Purple etc... but it turned out to be tedious and thus not fun to play.
The lack of UI makes the switch between colors quite hard and it takes some time to get used to the game.

It was a nice first experience, even though the game turns out to be quite hard because of the lack of checkpoints through the level. The mecanics are challenging and fun, maintaining a good pace throughout the level.


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!