> Ludum Dare 51 - DeepDive


Theme : Every 10 seconds

Cross a submerged pitch black cave in your submarine. A radar shoots every 10 seconds and lets you see your surroundings for a short while.

DeepDive - 2022 "Every 10 seconds"

This jam was the occasion to try an horror-ish adventure game in 3D, focused on mood and story-telling: once again a new genre for us!

The player is a submarine stuck in a deep pitch black cave.

It has no flood lights to help navigation. Instead, a radar shoots every 10 seconds letting you see your surroundings for a short while before fading. It kinda works like a bat sonar. It was the occasion to use shaders in the core gameplay.

The submarine crew is composed of : The captain, the biologist and the botanist. As the player explores the cave and finds strange things, the submarine crew will interact with ambient dialogs. This helps filling the gaps of the very slow pace and build the story.

We also added procedural animations to the environement (on kelps, sharks,etc..) to make the game feel more alive. The ambient sounds also helps to set the creepy mood. The player can throw harpoons on the creatures to defend himself but its quite buggy and overall not really usable with our choice of camera and movements.

In the end, the clunky gameplay ruined a bit of the experience as we focused maybe too much on the aspects of the game that we wanted to explore. We might develop a longer version of the game as it might be a fun experience over a 1h span.


Wanna check out the game? Here it is!